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Welcome to the Preston Volunteer Emergency Services web site. The mission of PVES to provide firefighting, rescue and emergency ambulance services to the Preston Peninsula. We could not exist without the generous support of our neighbors and visitors. Please help the dedicated volunteers and staff of PVES protect the health of the people and preserve the property in our community. Consider making a tax deductible donation to support our services by clicking the donate now button. Visit our site often for updated community information.


March 17, 2014 – Preston Volunteer Emergency Services, Inc. (PVES) announced that they have hired a new Fire Chief and Director of Operations, Will Bradley.  Mr. Bradley is currently employed by PVES as a Paramedic.  He assumes the role of Fire Chief and will head up all PVES operations.  Tim Pike, Assistant EMS Director, will continue his role.

Mr. Bradley is replacing Former Fire Chief, Timothy Thomas.  The entire staff and board of PVES wish to thank Mr. Thomas for his past service to PVES and, specifically, his role in increasing our fund raising programs.

Will received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southeastern State Oklahoma University, with emphasis in Linear Programming and Operations Management as well as Mechanical Engineering.  He received his paramedic designation from Grayson Community College in 2011 and Fire Certification from Hazco Fire Academy in 2010.  He was most recently employed by Love County EMS and Fire Dept. in Thackerville, OK.

PVES is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization serving the greater Pottsboro  and Preston Point area with fire and emergency response services.  Please join the PVES Board of Directors, members, volunteer firefighters and EMS staff in welcoming Will to our organization.Will Bradley

EMS Staff Trained and Certified for Critical Care….

As a result of generous grants, the PVES staff are now trained and certified for Critical Care Transport.  If you or a loved one may need emergency transportation services from our local hospitals to nearby specialty facility’s in Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston. With our team we can now transport a patient to these facilities by ambulance. Preston EMS can be utilized, depending on the circumstances, in lieu of or in case, air medical services are not available. For more info please contact us at 903-786-3010.