About PVES


Preston Volunteer Emergency Services, Inc.(PVES)  is a 501(c)3, tax exempt, nonprofit organization.   The organization was founded to meet the fire fighting, emergency medical aid, and ambulance needs of the Preston Peninsula community of Lake Texoma – an important economic and recreational resource for the  citizens of Grayson County.  PVES consists of a combined volunteer fire department and paid ambulance service.  The service area is established by the Grayson County Commissionerambulance1 2013s Court.   The PVES fire service area (38 square miles) is described as the Preston Peninsula and surrounding areas on Lake Texoma and includes 5 marinas and twelve youth camps.  The youth camps host over 25,000 participants yearly.  The PVES ambulance service area (60 square miles) includes the City of Pottsboro, the Locust fire district area as well as the Preston Peninsula fire service area.  Members of the organization are any property owners, full or part-time residents of the service area, volunteers in good standing, or donors to the organization.  PVES operates through fund raising, donations, in-kind contributions, contracts for service with Grayson County and the City of Pottsboro, grants, and billing for ambulance services.

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Volunteer firefighters provide first response to calls for emergencies and fires for the residents and visitors to the Preston peninsula service area (see map). To better serve the community fire fighting needs, we have two stations.  The main fire station, Station #1, is located at 85584 N. State Highway 289 Pottsboro, TX.  Station #2 is located on Cambridge Drive in Pottsboro. Volunteer firefighters provide assistance and backup to the Denison, Sherman, Locust and the City of Pottsboro fire districts.

The ambulance service is staffed by paid paramedics and EMT personnel to provide rapid emergency medical response. We have 2 Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)  ambulances located at the main station and provide service to the residents and visitors on the Preston Peninsula, Pottsboro and Locust fire districts. In addition,we provide back-up to Denison and Sherman ambulance service areas. We also participate in state and national level disaster planning and response coordinated by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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