Fishing Tournament

Come out and join us for our first ever Bass Tournament Fundraiser, all proceeds go straight to the department to help us get things that we can use in the future. Can’t wait to see everyone there!!!
 Go to the following link to register.


1ST Annual Bass for cash!!
1. Rules and Regulations: These rules are as set and must be strictly followed by all
contestants. The decision of the tournament director will be final in all matters. Any rule
changes will be posted at the registration. You are responsible for reading, understanding and
abiding by the rules as stated on this form.
2. Eligibility: Any two persons of which are at least 18 years of age may fish this tournament.
Anyone who has been disqualified for cheating and/or failing a polygraph in another fishing
tournament must have the tournament director’s approval. Minors under the age of 18 must
have a parent or guardian sign this form giving consent to fish this tournament.
3. Sportsmanship: All fishing from boats only. No tubes, wading or bank fishing allowed. Any
contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, or violates tournament rules will be disqualified
with no refund.
4. Alcohol/Drugs: Contestants must abstain from consuming any alcoholic beverage until after
tournament hours and the last polygraph test has been given. No drugs (except Prescription
from doctor) allowed. Please notify officials if you are taking any pain or mood altering
5. Boats/Motors/Safety: All boats must meet all state safety rules and regulations. Horsepower
cannot exceed BIA ratings. Contestants must wear a coastguard approved life vest and kill
switch must be attached to driver anytime the boat is ON PLANE.
6. Fish Length and limits: Each team is allowed to weigh in five fish ( black, spotted or
smallmouth bass only) 14 inch minimum length. There will be a 0.5 pound penalty for each
dead fish weighed. A 6th fish can be held in the live well, but can not be brought to the
scales. All culling must be done before returning to the weigh-in site. All fish must be caught
from Lake Texoma on artificial lures during tournament hours. Snagging of bedding fish is
not allowed.
7. Tackle: Only artificial lures may be used (except pork rind). Only one rod and reel can be
used at one time. Each cast must be completed before a second rod may be pickup and used.
8. Tournament Hours: Your team may launch from either Highport marinas or lighthouse
marinas at 7 am June 24, 2017. Teams must be check-in by tournament officials by 3:00 pm
at Highport Marina.
9. Legal Responsibility: In signing this entry form, each of the undersigned agrees to
following: 1) To release all Host, tournament officials, and sponsors from any and all
damages, claims, demands, or expenses relating to or resulting from this tournament.
Including personal injury and/or property damage. 2) Not to sue or make any claims against
any person, group or sponsors affiliated with this tournament now or in the future. 3) To
indemnify or hold Preston Fire Department and its members harmless.
10. Check-in: One team member must check in with tournament officials at Highport weigh-in
site by 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon. Teams not checked in will be disqualified.
The signed release will also serve as notice that an insurance carrier will not sue or make claims
against Preston Fire dept or Texoma Bass Club, Its members or sponsors for any claim paid on
your behalf. By signing this form I acknowledge that I have read and approved to take and or
clear one or more polygraph test as required or recourse. I also certify that I have read and
understood all the rules and regulations concerning this tournament.




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